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Freedom to Celebrate Your Inner Goddess

Built on authentic connections, our ultimate desire is to elevate your beauty journey into a mindful and healthy dedication to self.



Welcome to Elysium

Here at Elysium Biodynamic Spa & Salon, we have wholeheartedly cultivated a new era of service from the approach of holistic beauty professionals and optimal wellness standards.

Our menu design and product selection have all been mindfully curated and inspired from the highest and most effective ingredients and modalities sourced from all over the world. We have established this environmental methodology in order to honor positive transformation within spa & salon standards and to create a truly individualized experience, unlike any other.


We take pride in our connection and influence within our community and strive to go beyond expectations. We are offering exclusive events, workshops, and the implementation of sustainability and support within our community.



Biodynamic Spa & Salon?

We take full responsibility in our approach. Not only do we offer a completely toxic-free service menu that implements the importance of healthy and effective alternatives for our team and all of our guests.


We also take greater strides to minimize the usage of plastic. When possible, we will replace plastic based tools and materials with alternative cutting edge and environmentally friendly options that positively impact our ecosystem.


This conscious act supports self-sustaining standards and is our spiritual and ethical contribution to create a more mindfully holistic environment within the industry.

Biodynamic Salon

Our Services

Hair Cut
HAIR, Health, Love

Our hair department has been mindfully orchestrated to address and curate all of your custom needs and guide you in achieving your ultimate hair goals. From color modifications, cuts, and treatments, each service uses advanced mineral based technology and biodynamic botanicals to create a truly individualized treatment unlike any other.

SKIN Enhanced

Our estheticians utilize Facial Mapping and Mind Body Analysis to create custom-designed facials and enhancements necessary to addresses your specific concerns.  Any stressors which may have prevented you from obtaining the complexion you desire will be discussed and recommendations will be made so you are equipped with the tools to accomplish long term healthy results.

organic scalp treatment.jpg
Scalp & Hair Treatments

Our vision and mission behind the implementation of a cranial spa is to support progressive beauty awareness. Inspired by Japanese technique, infused with powerfully effective raw elements found only in nature, and assembled with the finest technological devices, we have developed a signature platform for a perfect delivery system!

Beauty Therapy

Our practitioners are equipped with a wide array of ancient and modern modalities available to transmit Universal Life Energy that addresses and supports both the physical and metaphysical elements of beauty and wellness.




Our Team
Hair Salon

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